Oribe Hair Care was founded by renowned editorial and celebrity hairstylist Oribe Canales and beauty industry veterans Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger with the goal of creating a new kind of hair company, one that was designed with the most talented salon professionals and the most discriminating customers in mind. Oribe never forgets that healthy hair is the underpinning for sexy, glamorous styling.

Oribe Hair Care is for those who know that personal style—perfectly expressed—is the ultimate luxury.

These are the products for the hair obsessed!



Induldge in treatments with essential oils to reveal beautiful hair.


Rene Furterer combines the best of nature with pharmaceutical expertise for innovative, safe and effective products.


"Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil" - Rene Furterer



At Davines, they dare to do what they believe in and, rather than conforming to the mainstream, allow intuition to pave their path.


All products are enriched with active ingredients sourced from slow food Presidia Farms in Italy to contribute to the biodiversity of our planet.


Each family in the Davines Essential Hair Care line contains a specific charachteristic and function: Nourishment, Hydradtion, Volume, Shine, Protection, Elasticity, Smoothness, and Daily Care.